Our Why


Photo of POLSO Co-founders

Cami & Freya


Launched in 2022, POLSO was founded by skincare obsessed best friends.

We were determined to overcome similar skin challenges, so we immersed ourselves in research, buying every serum, cream and oil that promised results. Cleansing our faces became an obsession! however, growing up in the chilly southern highlands of Sydney, the process quickly turned into a chore, leaving us wet sleeves and freezing cold - the thought of the water running down our arms and getting in to bed with wet sleeves gave us the 'ick' not to mention mopping up the puddle of water on the floor and around the sink...adding another chore to our day, it was enough to make us skip taking off our makeup entirely (a cardinal skincare SIN)

Seeking a solution to enjoy our journey to clearer skin and remain warm & dry...POLSO was born!

We took our personal frustrations and created a range of products that upgraded our everyday beauty regimen from 'Routine to Ritual'. No more sacrificing convenience and comfort, we wanted a 'Spa Like' experience in the comfort of our very own home and after seeing so many people make memes about the same issue on social media, we knew we had to share our products with the world!

Welcome to POLSO, where skincare meets practicality.