Our Why

Our mission is to make luxury accessible to all, and help transform your everyday routine into a spa-like experience.

POLSO brings you a carefully curated range of products to elevate your daily rituals and turn those mundane tasks into moments of pure relaxation that are both enjoyable, and hassle free.

Enhance your well-being and feel pampered in your very own home

Where it all Began!

Photo of POLSO Co-founders

Cami & Freya

Friends since boarding school, we struggled through acne, hormonal breakouts & rosacea during the Paris Hilton era of tabloids and dangerous beauty standards.

Determined to conquer our skin challenges, we dove into research purchasing every serum, cream and oil that claimed to help - cleansing our faces became an obsession! There was only one problem… it was time consuming and became a chore VERY quickly.

Constantly complaining our sleeves were wet and that we couldn’t be bothered to take our makeup off (a cardinal skincare sin) the thought of mopping up water splattered around the sink, or jumping into bed with wet sleeves created a sense of perpetual dread. We looked for a solution so we could learn to love our journey to clearer skin, and that's when POLSO was born!

Now, we've turned our personal frustrations into fuel for creating innovative products that transform your nightly routine. No more sacrificing convenience and comfort for beautiful skin.

Welcome to POLSO, where skincare meets practicality.